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Series A Round Killed My Startup + 5 more stories

Series A Round Killed My Startup

After graduating from 500 Startups & raising seed, my mobile app startup pivoted into b2b saas. We quickly found PMF, got a bunch of clients lined up, and our team was working 100 hours a week to deliver. Read the full story here (4311 likes, 367 comments and 100 reposts)

End of SaaS => Birth of SaaS OS

  • By the end of 2025, I’ll launch 1000 products.

  • These products are going to run on a new SaaS OS.

  • It’ll transform the software world as we know it.

  • You won’t take it seriously until it happens.

  • read the full story here

How I Go From Idea to Revenue in 13 steps

I’ve used this method in most of my products and it worked so well.

  1. Idea

  2. SEO potential

  3. Pick least Competitive

  4. Social Validation

  5. Waitlist

  6. Organic Promo

  7. Paid Promo

  8. Directories & SEO

  9. Is there traction?

  10. Coding MVP

  11. Turn Coding Into Marketing

  12. iterate

  13. Public Launch

Read full guide here for going from Ide to Revenue.

Growth: What Worked and Failed for Me in 2023


  • Partners

  • Newsletter Ads

  • Podcasts

  • Outreach

  • Google/FB/Twitter ads

  • Hiring a marketing person

  • Paying influencers


Top Authors and Posts in 2023 for Bootstrapped Founders

I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Every day this year, I took away new lessons from them. They’ve inspired me to share all my learnings in public too. The full list is here

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