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  • #1 - John Rush. VC, 0.5M visits, acquisition offer, viral directories and more.

#1 - John Rush. VC, 0.5M visits, acquisition offer, viral directories and more.

My last week as a maker for my 20+ projects. What went viral, what didn't, and even more!

http://devhunt.org got top VC interest. I said no thanks. The developers love it, from solo to YC-backed.

http://allgpts.co hit 0.5M visits & got 4

offers when I posted here that I might be selling it. To get some pricing sense, I went to list on AcquireCom, but they initially blocked the listing due to zero revenue, @agazdecki fixed it quickly by reaching out in DMs. Founders who handle customer support are bound to succeed. After seeing the stats, I decided to keep and build it into "Google for all kinds of gpts". It includes not only ChatGPT gpts but also others like POE and CharacterAI.

http://nextjsstarter.com was launched with around 1000 visitors. Not viral, but not bad either.

http://osssoftware.org went live and took off! Over 100k estimated visits made headlines on Hacker news, twitter, devto etc. This shows you never know what will work until you try.

http://unicornplatform.com got a big push from our new "directory" template. Users quickly create cool directories at low cost. We've added many new templates and components making Unicorn easy yet powerful; even my aunt built her site! Btw, we have had the biggest growth in paying users since the launch in a single month, Which has been growing for 4 months in a row.

http://floatui.com v2 was #6th on PH launch but didn't meet my expectations. I'm stepping back from promoting PH launches as they don't seem valuable anymore compared to tweets or posts on hackernews or devto. Regarding floatui v2 - developers love this free open-source Tailwind CSS UI kit which we plan to keep improving.

http://marketsy.ai is still searching for PMF after ranking #1 on PH. Despite huge traffic, there were few conversions into paying users so we launched LTD on appSumo hoping to learn more about user patterns. Going viral doesn't always mean making money - an unexpected learning.

http://indexgoogle.com is currently being internally tested across all products before launching next week. After much consideration regarding pricing, I decided: $99 per domain for life or $199 for five domains. No subscription, just a one-time fee.

http://seobotai.com launched v2 with enhanced keyword research logic and AI article generation. It works best for dev tools like devhunt and floatui so far but we're working on improvements daily. AI tools evolve quicker than regular ones. In a week it can get 2-10x better - not something you'd expect from normal SaaS.

→ JohnRushLTD is an idea about lifetime deals that went viral with 61 comments and 24k views. More details are to be shared in January. This LTD gives buyers access to all my current and future MarsX tools (20+ now, eventually 100+). It's re-sellable making it potentially profitable – the real deal NFTs promised but didn't deliver! That's what happened last week! Stay tuned for updates next week or subscribe to my newsletter at

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Preview of my upcoming week

  • launchihng indexgoogle

  • updates for unicornplatform(more on directories, such as nested pages)

  • 2 new directory

  • updates on seobot >saasemailer (new saas tool to send emails for solo makers)

  • new project http://createinfluencer.com.

To build and launch fully AI-powered influencers on hyped social platforms with short-form visual content.

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